Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Super Mom? No thank you.

Ive decided (and its taken me some time to think through this) that I don't like the term "Super Mom".  For some reason Ive heard it a lot lately amongst Christian women and its got me thinkin'.  Here are a few of my thoughts.

Why do we put these kinds of titles on women?  As if being a mom isn't a hard enough job we gotta go handing out awards for those who are better? Better than who? others?  I don't like it one bit.  And its not nice.  Women in general have issues with comparing them selves to other and this just makes it worse.  It puts pressure on woman to be viewed by the world as something more spectacular than a "mom" but really its causing the core of who a godly mom is to crumble.  Just think about it.  We recognize how well she decorated her home, how clean her children are, what great parties she throws, how involved in extra curricular activities she and her kids are in, how she always looks put together, how she works out and eats healthy. None of these things matter.  But if we are constantly recognizing the abilities of others and praising them for it then this becomes what is others strive for.  Don't get me wrong I believe that running a house hold well can be glorifying to God but I also believe it can be what runs women into the ground and the Supermom title tends to encourage the later.  As Christian women we shouldn't be encouraging this behavior that makes women want recognition from the world or even from her brothers and sisters in Christ. We should be encouraging them to seek the Lord in all their responsibilities.  All the things listed above are a mom's life, these things have to be done and they should be done well....for the Glory of God, not the praise of man or other women.   I will say this and hear me loud and clear: NO ONE HAS IT ALL TOGETHER! NO ONE! No matter how put together they look remember, they have struggles too and they need the grace of God each and every day just like you.  We should be caring whether or not our sisters in Christ are growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, not whether they can balance 40 spinning plates on their head. 

The pressure exhausts me and probably more now than ever.  Ive tried to be super mom and reality is, there is just nothing super about me.  I'm a sinner everyday and no matter what the outside looks like I need Jesus everyday if I'm going to make it through this life with joy.  I don't find joy in throwing parties and having people comment about how fun it was, I find joy in knowing that people were able to fellowship with one another and build relationships. I don't find joy in running my kids all over the world, I find joy in watching them grow and learn and experience new things while given the opportunity to teach them about God in every aspect of life.  I don't find joy in exercising, but I find joy in knowing that I'm taking care of myself so that I can be useful and be able to serve others.  I don't find joy in cleaning my house but I do find joy in knowing that I am teaching my kids how to work and care for the things that the Lord has given us.  Its not the visible act, its the heart attitude that only Jesus can give.  What do I strive for? Man's praise or God's Glory?  I know in my twisted heart that the first one jumps out way to often and yet my prayer is that in the end despite my sin God will get the glory for my life.  Otherwise it was all in vain.  That is what the Supermom title stands for in my eyes...vanity (and exhaustion...who can do that and not fall apart at some point...just sayin').

 When I pass on to eternal life I don't want to go with a supermom symbol on my casket, I hope that people would know that I lived by God's great grace and that any accomplishments were not of my own doing, they were of a SUPER-NATURAL God. 


Amy said...

So timely for me, thank you! I don't want to be super-mom either, me and my kids are not perfect and when I push for that I get depressed because I compare myself and my kids to others. I want to be a mom after SUPER NATURAL GOD'S own heart, and not worry about what the people think. Thanks for sharing what God's teaching you!

agould52 said...

Thanks, Heather! So true, isn't it? I hate that the term is used based on how busy a mom is and how composed she is on the exterior. Sometimes I feel neither terribly busy or put together whatsoever, and I shouldn't feel like less of a mom because of it. Thanks for the reminder that any good from any of us is by the grace of GOD and not from ourselves...and that goes for our observations of others who we admire as moms. All glory to God!

April Moffatt said...

AMEN sista!

Debbie said...

Well put Heather.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful post, Heather!!

Rachel (Ashley) Byrum